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Knowledgebase Contents – The Answer Center holds four different types of detailed answers to your marketing, sales, and business questions:

  • Articles – Full-length articles on specific topics to help you get more clients or make your business more profitable.
  • Q and A – Detailed answers to the most-commonly-asked questions about sales, marketing, and operating a small business.
  • Tools/Examples – Step-by-step templates and examples for essential marketing and business tools.
  • Audio – Recorded workshops and interviews on a wide variety of business-building topics.

How to Search for Answers – Every answer in the knowledgebase is fully-indexed so you can easily find what you need. There are six different ways to locate answers:

  1. Browse any category. In the Categories column at right, each of the top four options displays a complete index of Articles, Q and A, Tools/Examples, or Audio. Click on any category name, and you’ll see an index of every entry for that category with a brief excerpt from each one.
  2. Browse any topic. After the first five options, all the choices in the Categories column are specific topics. Click on any topic, and you’ll see an index of all entries with excerpts.
  3. Browse entries from any author. Click on any name in the Authors column at right, and you’ll see an index of all entries from that author with excerpts.
  4. Search on a keyword or phrase. In the Keyword Search box at right, enter a single word, several words, or a specific phrase (in quotes), then click Go.
  5. View the most recent answers. Go to the Home page, and you’ll see the ten most recently posted answers. The newest answer will be at the top and the nine other most recent answers will follow.
  6. View answers related to any other answer. Once you have selected an answer to view, you’ll see a summary of related answers on the right-hand side.

How to View Answers – Click on the title or “read more” link for any answer you see listed on the home page, category pages, search results pages, or any other index of entries.

How to Share Resources – You are welcome to make copies of Answer Center resources for your own use, and to use our Tools/Examples as templates for your own documents. If you’d like to reprint an item from the Answer Center in your publication or on your website, please contact us to request permission.

How to Get Updates – If you’d like to receive periodic updates by email when there are new additions to the Answer Center, just Subscribe to New Answers at upper right.