Answers for: Presenting/Selling

Is That a Feature or a Benefit?

Article by C.J. HaydenYou’ve heard it many times before: you need to sell benefits to your clients, not features. Whether you are writing copy, talking about what you do, or engaged in a sales presentation, it’s the benefits and results of the service you provide that you should emphasize, rather than its features or how it works. But it’s not always easy to get this right. Read more

How to Brand Your Expertise for Maximum Profit

Article by Loretta Love HuffI’ve been helping many of my clients lately figure out how to position themselves so they stand out in their marketplace like the true expert they are. It can be quite a challenge, particularly when there are a lot of people who know much of what you know and do basically what you do. Read more

Four Pillars of Business Development

Article by Jack KlemeyerThere are four pillars of business development you need to know about if you want to get more business and a higher income. The first of the four is the most important and is foundational to the other three. The first is Market. Who, specifically, is your market? Put another way, who is your ideal client? Read more

Why Should They Hire You Instead of the Competition?

Article by C.J. HaydenWhen business is slow, every lead has to count. If there may be fewer opportunities for you to pursue, you need to take maximum advantage of every one. When you pursue a prospective client all the way through the sales cycle, but in the end they choose someone else, the rejection can be painful. “Why wasn’t it me?” you keep asking yourself. Read more

The 5 Outcomes of a Sales Conversation

Article by Jack KlemeyerBelieve it or not, there are only five possible outcomes to any sales conversation. When one person (the salesperson) attempts to influence another person (the prospect) to make a purchase of any type, knowing there are only five outcomes that can happen should help you increase your sales. Read more

Marketing Lessons from the World of Politics

Article by C.J. HaydenYou can’t turn on the television or open your mail in the U.S. these days without seeing a political ad. Between the
presidential election and local initiatives on the ballot in many cities and states, it seems that everyone is campaigning to get your vote. Read more

Are You Selling to Your Third Easiest Customer?

Article by Jack KlemeyerThird easiest? You’re probably wondering “What about the first and second easiest customers to sell?” The first easiest customer to sell is your existing customer; those folks who have already bought into you, your company, your products and services. Read more

Who Do You Think You Are?

Article by C.J. HaydenThe fear of hearing those words when marketing your professional services can stop you in your tracks. It’s the response you may most dread hearing when you make a sales pitch: “You? You think I should hire you? Well, who do you think you are?” Read more

Success Story Template

Tool/Example by C.J. HaydenA helpful tool for presenting your services to prospective clients is a repertoire of success stories about the results your clients get from your work. Here’s a template and example for composing some success stories of your own. Read more

Prospects Are People, Too

Article by C.J. HaydenYou’d be surprised how often my clients and students ask me to help them find a surefire sales letter or phone script that they can copy to use for their own selling. Or maybe you wouldn’t. Perhaps you, too, have been misled into thinking that there is such a thing. Read more