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Boost Your Marketing with the Buddy System

Article by C.J. HaydenRemember back in grade school when the teacher asked you to hold hands with a friend on field trips? The idea behind the buddy system is that it’s much harder to get lost if there are two of you traveling together. When you get into trouble, your buddy can help you out, Read more

How can I use Get Clients Now! with my team?

Q & A by C.J. HaydenThere are many ways you can use the Get Clients Now! book and program as a helpful tool for learning and motivation with your sales team, business development staff, marketing reps, franchisees, or network marketing downline. Read more

Riding the Marketing Cycle

Audio by C.J. HaydenIn this highly-rated workshop for consultants and coaches from the One-Page Business Plan Company, C.J. addresses the topic, “where is your selling stuck?” If you don’t know the answer to that question, you may be putting all your effort in the wrong place. Read more

How many prospects do I need in my pipeline?

Q and A by C.J. HaydenWhile the exact number of prospects each independent professional needs in his or her pipeline will vary, there are several useful guidelines that can help you compute this number for yourself. First of all, you need to determine how many new clients Read more

You Gotta Have a System

Audio by C.J. HaydenIn this audio interview hosted by Cole Silver, author of How to Create Wealth and Freedom in Your Law Practice, C.J. describes key sales and marketing strategies for professionals, beginning with the core principle that you’ve “gotta have a system” Read more

Get Clients Now! Excel Tracking Worksheet

Tool/Example by Joan FriedlanderIf you’d prefer to track your GET CLIENTS NOW! marketing action plan on your computer instead of on paper, you’ll find this Excel version of the Tracking Worksheet handy. You can download the file, fill in the details of your plan, and update as often as you’d like. Read more

The Secret to Marketing — It’s Not What You Think

Audio by C.J. HaydenIn this extended audio interview hosted by Ellen Britt of Marketing Qi, C.J. shares dozens of essential sales and marketing secrets. The live audience for this program said it was one of the most helpful talks they had ever heard on marketing Read more

How do I design Appetizers for my Success Ingredients?

Q and A by Joan FriedlanderAs a long-time GET CLIENTS NOW! program leader and now Director of Training and Licensing for GCN, I’ve noticed that one of the greatest areas of misunderstanding for users of the GCN system is the relationship between Appetizers and Success Read more

Marketing the Get Clients Now! Way

Audio by C.J. HaydenPat Lynch of Women’s Radio interviews C.J. on some of the key sales and marketing secrets of the GET CLIENTS NOW! system. Here’s what you will learn in this audio: Read more

How is Marketing Like Dating?

Article by Joan FriedlanderHave you ever attended a networking meeting and met someone you really liked and were sure you could help? When they found out about your services and learned how you help people like them they said, “You’ve got just what I’ve been looking for. Read more