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The Action in Attraction

Article by Joan FriedlanderI recently watched The Secret, a 90-minute movie featuring well-known inspirational authors and entrepreneurs discussing the impact of the “Law of Attraction” on our results. Read more

How is Marketing Like Dating?

Article by Joan FriedlanderHave you ever attended a networking meeting and met someone you really liked and were sure you could help? When they found out about your services and learned how you help people like them they said, “You’ve got just what I’ve been looking for. Read more

Marketing: Know Your Seasons

Article by Joan FriedlanderLike many capable business owners and professionals, you may be great at what you do and not so great at –- nor thrilled about –- marketing your services. It seems we sometimes spend more time marketing than actually conducting business. Read more

Marketing Does Not Equal Suffering

Article by Joan FriedlanderLately, people have been telling me that they hate marketing and don’t want to do it. They hate it so much that even though they are in love with what they do — or want to do — for a living, they will not do what it takes to get out in front of prospects. Read more

Is there a glossary for the terms used in the Get Clients Now! program?

Q and A by Joan FriedlanderThe GET CLIENTS NOW! program uses a cookbook metaphor. The following brief glossary will help you understand what each of the terms used in the program represent. Read more

Joan Friedlander

Joan Friedlander

Joan Friedlander is a business coach and workshop leader dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs and small business owners who are under-productive, unfocused, or pulled in many directions. She created the “Workstyle Approach” to help her clients build a strong foundation for sustainable, healthy business growth.