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Let’s Go Fishing: How to Catch a Big One

Article by Jack KlemeyerThis is not your typical fishing story. This is about fishing for a whale, and not the kind that lives in the sea. A whale is the kind of client that can make a significant positive impact on your bottom line. There are three strategies that can hook you a whale: Read more

Four Pillars of Business Development

Article by Jack KlemeyerThere are four pillars of business development you need to know about if you want to get more business and a higher income. The first of the four is the most important and is foundational to the other three. The first is Market. Who, specifically, is your market? Put another way, who is your ideal client? Read more

The 5 Outcomes of a Sales Conversation

Article by Jack KlemeyerBelieve it or not, there are only five possible outcomes to any sales conversation. When one person (the salesperson) attempts to influence another person (the prospect) to make a purchase of any type, knowing there are only five outcomes that can happen should help you increase your sales. Read more

Are You Selling to Your Third Easiest Customer?

Article by Jack KlemeyerThird easiest? You’re probably wondering “What about the first and second easiest customers to sell?” The first easiest customer to sell is your existing customer; those folks who have already bought into you, your company, your products and services. Read more

Jack Klemeyer

Jack Klemeyer

Jack Klemeyer is a professional business coach, author, and accomplished speaker specializing in helping service based businesses grow. He is the co-founder of Synergy Trainings, providing professional training and coaching to individuals and organizations to guide them to higher levels of performance and achieve their goals and initiatives faster.