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Enough Already!

Article by Grace DurfeeDo you sometimes have trouble knowing when it’s quitting time? Do you fall into the “I’ll just do one more thing” trap? Or do you tend to think that if you spend a little more time or give it one more pass, the final outcome will be better? Read more

Must Be Present to Win

Article by Grace DurfeeI came so close, but I missed a golden opportunity. Billie Jean King, one of my long-time tennis idols, was a speaker at a convention I attended. At the end of her presentation, she pulled out her racquet and hit a bucket-full of autographed tennis balls into the audience. Everyone had remained standing after giving her a standing ovation and watched with anticipation to see where her next shot would land. Read more

What Are You Choosing?

Article by Grace DurfeeIs it human nature to keep making the same choices over and over again? Perhaps with the wisdom collected over years of experience we weed out what doesn’t appeal to us and choose to stick to what we know works. There’s comfort and safety in routine and the familiar. But boxing ourselves into a limited repertoire may begin to wear thin. Read more

To Niche or Not to Niche?

Article by Grace DurfeeShould you focus on a particular niche or target market, or let the niche find you? That’s a question that many service professionals wrestle with, especially in the start-up phase of their business. I recommend a combination approach. Read more

Stuck! A Metaphor of Mud and Snow

Article by Grace DurfeeHave you ever been stuck? Ever been in a rut that you couldn’t get out of easily? Ever felt that the harder you tried, the more you spun your wheels and the deeper you buried yourself? Read more

The Art of Networking

Article by Grace DurfeeNetworking is a key ingredient to personal and professional success. Ask small business owners how they get most of their clients and you’ll frequently hear “through word of mouth.” Read more

Give It Time

Article by Grace DurfeeI made a big pot of soup this week for a potluck gathering with friends. Making soup is not a process you can rush, but it is well worth the wait. Read more

Grace Durfee

Grace Durfee

Grace is a coach, trainer, speaker, and writer who helps small business owners, new coaches, and career changers achieve professional success while enjoying more balanced lives. Grace leads the GET CLIENTS NOW! program at GCN Virtual University.