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The Real Secret to Networking

Article by Frank TraditiWhen you think of networking what comes to mind? Going to mixers? Attending business meetings? Meeting new people? Collecting business cards? Eating and drinking? Seeing friends? All of the above? Read more

Carving Out Your Niche

Article by Frank TraditiIt’s a strong temptation when starting out with a new business to market to everyone. You don’t want to miss out on any possible opportunity. If you take the approach that anyone can be a client, how can you lose? Read more

Give Your Marketing a Chance to Work

Article by Frank TraditiWhat does nearly every independent professional wish for when marketing for new clients? They wish they could see results faster. Time is the worst enemy of a small business owner. I’m convinced that the day I chose to open my business, the clock started Read more

Get The Picture — Get More Clients

Article by Frank TraditiHave you developed a profile for who your best clients may be in the business-to-business marketplace? Do you know what kind of organizations need your service the most? Or what their biggest challenges are? Does your marketing strategy address these Read more

What Could Make Your Service Sell Itself?

Article by Frank TraditiRecently, I spoke with a friend who says he has the greatest job in the world, because essentially, his service sells itself. He works for an organization that helps students of any age get a graduate degree through well-known and highly respected Read more

Do You Know Your Brand As Well As Your Coffee Order?

Article by Frank Traditi“I’ll have a grande, no foam, non-fat, six-pump, caramel, extra hot, latte macchiato.” This is what I actually heard someone order at a local famous-name-brand coffee shop. What has the world come to? In order to make it through the day, we have to order Read more

The Five Must-Ask Questions in a Sales Presentation

Article by Frank TraditiYour prospect should do most of the talking in a sales presentation. But wait, don’t I need to tell them all about my products or services? Shouldn’t they learn about everything I offer? Didn’t the prospect invite me to present to them? Read more

How to Get the Most from Sales Partnerships

Article by Frank TraditiSales and marketing partnerships are relationships established between companies with complementary products and services that can be sold to a mutual client. If you can build a strong relationship with sales partners, you’ll have the advantage Read more

Selling to the Fab Four: Your Ticket to Ride

Article by Frank TraditiNo, I’m not talking about the Beatles. Instead of John, Paul, George, and Ringo, there’s a different Fab Four you’ll encounter in selling your services to corporations. Meet the Decision-Maker, the Champion, the Technician, and the Gatekeeper. Read more

Making Great Contacts at Awards Events

Article by Frank TraditiEvery year, companies, associations, and nonprofits take the time to recognize the achievements of important people. In your local paper, trade journal, or association newsletter, you’ll always find award ceremonies listed. Some are local groups, but you’ll also find Read more

Frank Traditi

Frank Traditi

Frank is a sales and marketing specialist, author, speaker, and coach. He is the co-author of GET HIRED NOW! Frank teaches small business owners to design and implement a game plan for success. He is a senior facilitator for the GET CLIENTS NOW! program.