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How do I make the right connections when networking?

Q &A by Donna FeldmanAt a recent presentation on networking, we were asked this question by a graphic designer: “I’m looking to meet CEO’s, CFO’s or COO’s, but when I’m out networking, I meet mostly middle and lower-level managers. What do I do to get to the right people?” Read more

Two Steps to Make Your Networking a Sell-Free Zone

Article by Donna FeldmanLately, everywhere we look, from the in-flight magazine in our seat pocket to the Sunday Style section of the Denver Post we notice an article on networking: the right way to network, the wrong way to network, what it is, what it isn’t, how to, how not to, and more. Read more

Is it OK to talk about personal topics at business events?

Q & A by Donna FeldmanAt a recent presentation, we were asked, “You say that talking about personal topics while networking is good, but if I’m at a business event, isn’t that inappropriate? Won’t the other person be offended?” Read more

The Right Way to Market with Your Business Card

Article by Donna FeldmanAt a recent networking event, we noticed someone working the room by passing out business cards faster than a poker dealer in Vegas. Later, someone told us, “I don’t know who that person was but they gave me their card and I’m going to throw it away.” Read more

Elegant Exits: Making the Most of Your Networking Time

Article by Donna FeldmanHas this ever happened to you? You’re at a networking event with the intention of meeting new people, yet you find yourself stuck in one conversation with no end in sight, and you don’t know what to do. Read more

The “Who” of What You Do

Article by Donna FeldmanWhen was the last time you received a referral, a good referral, from someone in your network? If you answered “never” or “not recently,” it could be that the people in your network don’t know the “who” of what you do. To help people refer business to you, they need to know not just what Read more

Six Sure-Fire Strategies for Long-Term Follow Up

Article by Donna FeldmanIf you’ve been networking for a while, you most likely have a long list of people you want to connect with on a regular basis. There’s the initial follow-up you do after you first meet someone, but what are you doing to ensure that people will remember you months or even years from now Read more

Get the Most from Networking: Prepare Before You Go

Article by Donna FeldmanOnce you’ve decided on a networking event to attend, what can you do to prepare for a positive and productive networking experience? Here are seven pre-event planning steps to help you feel more confident when you enter the room. Read more

Five Top Places to Network

Article by Donna FeldmanHave you fallen into a networking rut? Do you keep going to the same events, or the same type of events, while wondering if there are other places to go? To help you expand your horizons, we’ve identified the top five types of groups to grow your network. Read more

Twelve Tips for Holiday Networking

Article by Donna FeldmanWe hear over and over that the holidays are a slow time of year for doing business. Don’t you believe it! With all the holiday parties, events, and family visits, the holiday season provides some of the best networking opportunities of the entire year. Read more

Donna Feldman

Donna Feldman

Donna is a certified coach who works with business owners and professionals at any stage from start-up to maturity, to help them make big improvements in their lives and businesses. Donna is a Senior Facilitator for GET CLIENTS NOW!