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Six Ways to Expand your LinkedIn Network

Article by Donna FeldmanWhoever said, “If you build it, they will come” was not referring to your LinkedIn profile! On LinkedIn, once you’ve built a completely optimized profile it’s time to go connect with people. Why? Because your connections are your network and your network is what makes LinkedIn work for you. Read more

Ten Simple Steps to a Powerful LinkedIn Profile

Article by Donna FeldmanLinkedIn is the largest professional social networking site online with over 74 million users in the U.S. and over 200 million users worldwide as of January 2013. Using LinkedIn as a networking tool can help expand your network of contacts, clients, leads, and referral partners. And just like networking in person, when networking on LinkedIn, first impressions count. Read more

10 Ways to Get More Likes for Your Facebook Page

Article by Donna FeldmanWe all know that getting a referral from a satisfied customer is one of the best ways to get new clients. The problem is this can be a long, slow process. But using social media can help speed it up. Read more

How Social Is Your Online Social Networking?

Article by Donna FeldmanDo you conduct your online networking using the same social skills you use at an in-person event, or do you leave those skills behind the minute you log in to a social networking site? Read more

Making the Most of Get-to-Know-You Meetings

Article by Donna FeldmanWhat do you do when a networking acquaintance invites you to meet for coffee? Do you find yourself saying yes, because you’ve been told that networking is about building relationships and getting to know people? At the same time, do you find yourself wondering if this is the most effective use of your time? Read more

How to Network at Professional Associations

Article by Donna FeldmanAn often overlooked place to network and find referral partners is professional associations. These associations serve people working in a particular industry or profession and can provide you with many resources, as well as valuable connections. You may not think that networking within your profession will provide any client leads, but you’d be surprised! Read more

How to Work Your Network

Article by Donna FeldmanBrowse the Internet, read the newspaper, or thumb through a magazine, and you’re bound to see an article advising you to use your network to help you grow your business. But how exactly do you do that? Read more

Networking Offline with Your Online Connections

Article by Donna FeldmanA new client who is starting a business mentioned that while she was putting a lot of time and effort into her online marketing and networking, she had yet to see any tangible results (i.e. clients). She asked if she needed to add some offline activities, such as attending networking events Read more

How to Easily Find Networking Events

Article by Donna FeldmanWhat is it that stops you from networking? You know you need to do it; it’s on your action list and you really meant to go to an event this week… if only you knew where to go. Read more

Planning to Meet Your Business Goals

Article by Donna FeldmanMany business owners start the year with a written list of things they intend to accomplish, yet by year’s end these goals have either been forgotten or left by the wayside, ready to be recycled for the coming year. Read more

Donna Feldman

Donna Feldman

Donna is a certified coach who works with business owners and professionals at any stage from start-up to maturity, to help them make big improvements in their lives and businesses. Donna is a Senior Facilitator for GET CLIENTS NOW!