What’s My Next Big Thing? 10 Points to Consider

Article by Kristine CareyIt’s the end of the year and you’re likely reflecting on what this year brought, as well as what next year holds in store. If you’ve got some curiosity about what the next big thing in business and life is for you, these questions can help get you moving.

The Next Big Thing

  1. Who am I deep down inside and what do I value? Does your work match who you are, as well as your values? If not, what changes, big or small, can you make so that it will? When you have work and an overall life that reflect who you are and what you value, your life flows with ease and you’ll experience clarity and gratefulness.
  2. What makes me happy and fulfilled? When contemplating your next step, take a look at where it may lead you. Allow your mind to expand and all preconceived notions to drift away. Try backing into the question by imagining how you would like your work to look, feel, smell, taste, and be.
  3. Is there something I have always wanted to do, but never pursued? Perhaps fear is whispering such things as, “There’s not enough time / money / I’m too old / the timing is off / I can’t because…” Would you like to continue to listen to the fear, or summon the courage to take the beginning steps toward your desire?
  4. Do I need “permission” to take this next step? If so, can you give that permission to yourself, or do you need a friend or coach to grant you permission? This may sound silly, yet asking for, and getting, permission really works!
  5. What obstacles might I encounter along the way? Obstacles can be seen as positives; you would not have them if you were not in motion. Try viewing your obstacles as signposts along the way toward your desired outcome, and see how powerful this shift in perspective can be.
  6. What if I can’t do this alone? The key to staying motivated, excited and energized is asking for help and support from others. Sometimes pursuing your dream may seem lonely or difficult and there may be times you’ll feel discouraged. The help of your friends, family, community and professionals can make a real difference if you let it.
  7. Is it really possible that I can pursue my desired work / life / bigger dream? Yes! One of the most important aspects in making your next step successful is to believe in yourself. Spend some time writing a list of all the reasons why you already have what it takes. Some items on your list might read, “Because I am well educated,” or “I have the courage.”
  8. Is there something that may be keeping me from moving forward? Seemingly small things, such as an unreturned library book, as well as larger things, such as owing someone money, can keep you stopped. Make a plan to pay off your debt, return the library book, or clean out your sock drawer and see how much energy you’ll have to put toward your dream.
  9. What happens if I just don’t want to do the work? There is a difference between being willing vs. wanting. Wanting is an emotional state, whereas willing is an observational state. You’re probably familiar with the scenario of having something seem like a good idea but not wanting to do anything about it. Now consider that even though you may not want to do anything, you can still be willing. When you get the “I don’t want to” feeling, you can refocus on being willing and things will get easier.
  10. How do I get started? You have to start somewhere! If you want to take a cooking class, call for a schedule. If you want to buy a new car, put $10 toward your down payment. No step is too small; the fact that you’ve taken a step is all that matters. Chunk it down into tiny steps and see how quickly the momentum can kick in!

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