44 Ways to Follow Up with Your Prospects

Article by C.J. HaydenYou know you need to follow up with prospective clients, but you often find yourself putting it off. “I already called them three times,” you think. Or, “They never answer my emails anyway.” Or, “I hate hearing no.” Or, “I don’t want to bug them.” Or, “What do I say that’s new?”

44 ways to follow upIt’s only natural to resist placing phone calls or sending more emails to prospects who didn’t return your last call, never seem to reply, may not be ready to buy, or might say they’re not interested. But here’s the good news. Calling and emailing prospects and asking them to hire you is not the only way to follow up!

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Reader Comments

As a coach in training, I wholeheartedly thank you for this invaluable resource!

Glad you found this helpful, Jean!

Great ideas CJ. For years, I resisted following up with prospects. Last year, I made a decision to forge ahead in spite of my discomfort. I’m much more willing to follow up now, but really appreciate having a plethora of ways to reach out without sounding too hungry.

Thanks, Loretta. I find it helps many people in their follow-up to think of things to say and do OTHER than just asking for business.

i think it is a very useful material because though it may sound as one way process as some people may think, to me its also a follow up on me as an agent. this is because i ask myself the question, what have i done or being to get the clients or to retained the exist ones to bring it more. thank you C.J HAYDEN and i say may GOD richly reward you.

Thanks, Shantale! I’m glad you found these suggestions helpful.