I Didn’t Know You Did Stairs

Article by Kristine CareyLast week I was having coffee with a client and he told me a story about one of his former customers. She was reading his newsletter, which goes out every month, and was surprised to learn that his company did stairs (that particular newsletter featured a stair remodel his company had done for someone else). His former customer was looking for someone to do stair work for her, yet it never occurred to her to call him for that type of job.

Stairs under constructionMy client was surprised by this. First, he’d worked with her before on a home renovation project and thought she understood the extent of his company’s services. Second, he’s a General Contractor, and it was easy for him to assume that she knew all the different types of things General Contractors can do.

When you’re working with a client, they hire you for a specific purpose. You provide the service they’re looking for and that’s that. Unless you let them know that you offer other services, they are not likely to ask or extrapolate — you have to spell it out.

This happens to me all the time: I’m often hired for micro-business coaching, yet I also offer the Get Clients Now! program, have years of experience providing coaching in career direction and work clarification, and was originally trained as a life coach.

For marketing purposes it makes sense to keep what you offer streamlined, mentioning just a few of the things you do; this keeps your message specific and easy to understand. You may be missing the boat, however, by not in some way letting your clients know what other services you offer. In the case of my General Contracting client, he does stairs and much more, and will be spotlighting the different services in upcoming newsletters.

Where are you making assumptions that your clients know all you can do for them? And how can you spell out your services in a way that benefits everyone?

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