30-Second Commercial Template

Tool/Example by C.J. HaydenA 30-second commercial, also known as an “elevator speech,” is a brief verbal summary of what you do, who you do it for, and the key benefits and results you deliver. Here’s a template for composing your commercial, including the essential elements you should incorporate, and suggestions for powerful words to use.

Your 30-second commercial is a helpful tool to use when leaving your first voice mail message with a prospect or referral source, beginning a presentation, or formally introducing yourself to a group. It’s ideal for one-way communication, and delivering a message in a setting where people may not have a chance to respond to you. This is different from what’s often called a “10-second introduction,” which is designed for two-way communication and facilitating dialogue.

Below is a template for composing a commercial of your own. You can also download this template as a Word file:

30-Second Commercial Template (Word)

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Example: “My name is C.J. Hayden. I teach self-employed professionals and small business owners to get clients, get unstuck, and get on purpose. I’m an author and business coach. I offer one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and workshops. Much of my work is by phone, so I can help clients become more successful without them leaving the office. Thousands of readers have used my book Get Clients Now! to build their business so you can be sure my approach is road-tested.”

Commercial = Benefits-oriented introduction + features and benefits of your services + competitive advantage

Your Name:

Company Name (optional):

Target Market and/or Specialty:

Key Benefit(s) Provided:

Job Title or Label (optional):

+ Features and benefits:

+ Competitive advantage:



Feature = characteristics; description of what you offer
Benefit = value; what the customer gets from what you offer

Powerful Words for Features
I offer… provide… supply… create… produce… analyze… diagnose… prepare… plan… design… develop… compose… construct… build… engineer… implement… install… fix… correct… improve… organize… facilitate… coordinate… manage… work with… consult… advise… solve… help… show… teach… train… support…

Powerful Words for Benefits
So my customers can…. solve… achieve… improve… become… produce… maintain… eliminate… save… avoid… make the most of… get… feel…



Why you or your company are better than:

Your direct competition — people who offer the same services you do
Your indirect competition — people who offer a different service that addresses the same need or desire
Hiring no one — includes performing the service for oneself, counting on friends and family, or using only in-house resources

Powerful Words for Advantage
I offer more… provide the best… supply the most affordable… have ___ years of experience… have ___ satisfied customers… am certified/licensed in… trained/have a degree in… specialize in…

Powerful Words for Why It’s Important
…so you can be sure that _____________
…which gives my customers _____________
…which qualifies me to _____________
…so you will get the best/most _____________



My name is Chris Winston. I help human resource departments keep track of employees, salaries, and benefits. I’m an HR systems consultant. If your current system isn’t keeping up with your needs, I can fix inaccurate reports, install software upgrades, help you meet regulatory requirements, and make the system easier to use. When your system needs replacing, I’ll make sure you avoid expensive mistakes, and work with your staff step-by-step to manage a system replacement on time and under budget. Since I specialize in HR systems, you can be sure I understand all of your unique needs, and stay current on what’s essential for you to know.


I’m Dr. Virginia Lee. I guide my clients to optimal health and relief from pain. I’m a chiropractor. I provide hands-on healing to help you relieve pain, feel better, and get more out of life. I treat back and neck pain, headaches, disc injuries, carpal tunnel, and much more. Chiropractic is a natural way of helping your body heal itself without relying on drugs and surgery. If you’ve been injured, chiropractic care can help you regain full function and reduce the likelihood of re-injury. I practice gentle chiropractic, with none of the cracking and popping you may have experienced elsewhere. I have helped hundreds of people live pain free, with increased flexibility and improved health.

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Reader Comments

Thanks, CJ. I’ve been working on my 10 and 15 second introductions, and now feel that it’s time to expand to a 30s commercial. Since I am getting involved in networking and will be using this format at least once a week, every week, at the meet up, I appreciate the template to organize my presentation.

By the way, I help business owners use video to develop trust with their customers so that they can deliver their best ideas all the time.

I thoroughly enjoyed your concise explanation of the 30-second commercial. I was wondering if you would be able to provide this format in a teenager-friendly version as I am doing a curriculum for youth entrepreneurship.

Veronica, I’m glad you found this helpful. What do you think it would need to be “teenager-friendly”? A different example, perhaps, but what else?

Very informative article. I was able to use the information here to write 30 second radio spot. Thanks for sharing.

This template was very helpful, thank you so much.

Thank you, Trosky, I’m glad you found it helpful.