What Are You Choosing?

Article by Grace DurfeeIs it human nature to keep making the same choices over and over again? Perhaps with the wisdom collected over years of experience we weed out what doesn’t appeal to us and choose to stick to what we know works. There’s comfort and safety in routine and the familiar. But boxing ourselves into a limited repertoire may begin to wear thin. If boredom and frustration set in because one day looks exactly like the next, it could be time to broaden your horizons and investigate new options.

Consider inviting new possibilities to spice things up by expanding the choices you make in:

  • When you begin and end your work day
  • The order of tasks in your daily routine
  • Where you do most of your work
  • The route you take to your usual destinations
  • What you read, watch, or listen to
  • Who you spend time talking to
  • How you sit, stand, or move your body

On the opposite side of the spectrum, having too many choices can prove to be detrimental. We’ve probably all had an experience of being stymied by too many choices, whether ordering from a menu offering a bounty of delectable options, or having so many things on our to-do list that we simply don’t know where to begin. Analysis paralysis and inertia can set in when choices become overwhelming.

This is when it can pay off to narrow the number of choices to only what’s most important and most effective. It’s natural to initially resist letting go of appealing options, but the focus that comes from narrowing down can be freeing and create forward movement. This is part of the power of the GET CLIENTS NOW! program. Less really can be more!

Consider how you might limit your choices:

  • Where are you feeling stuck because you have too much to choose from?
  • Of all your options, which are the highest priority?
  • What action(s) are you most enthusiastic about taking?
  • What choices, historically, have yielded the best results?
  • What would feel good to let go of, at least temporarily?

These next few weeks, notice where it might feel good to expand or limit your range of choices. Adjust as you see fit. After all, it’s your choice.

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