Gain Exposure through Public Speaking

Article by Frank TraditiOne of the most powerful ways to gain more exposure for your business is to offer your services as a public speaker. Public speaking can help grow your business quickly by building your visibility and credibility at the same time.

Speaking gives you the opportunity to interact with dozens of people all at once, sharing what you know, demonstrating your abilities, and letting them know about the services you provide.

For some people, public speaking is an exciting adventure, while for others, it’s can be as unpleasant as death and taxes. But speaking doesn’t have to be an experience you dread. If you are squeamish about speaking in public, you can start with easy topics and small groups and work your way up.

Here are some tips about getting started with public speaking:

  • Select a topic that is close to you and you have some passion about. You could speak about the right way to provide customer service, the best way to sell, the easiest approaches to build a website… any topic you feel strongly about that allows you to demonstrate your expertise.
  • First, start writing about it. Write down your thoughts in bullet point form or make a list. This will help you keep your topic to the point and powerful.
  • Think of stories about your topic. If it’s customer service, tell a story about receiving terrible service from a company and then describe how it could be fixed. If it’s web design, talk about a client who was struggling with their website and how you helped solve their problem.
  • Use a simple three-step method to compose your talk:
    1. Start with a story.
    2. Blend in your main message and a few key points.
    3. End with a summary that ties back to your original story.

When you’re new to speaking, start small. Hand pick a group of no more than five people who you know well. Invite them to a pizza party at your house, and tell them all they have to do for free pizza is listen to your talk. Let them know you are practicing to be ready for larger groups. After your talk, ask each person to give you at least two positive comments and one “I think I would change this” comment.

It really can be enjoyable to speak to groups, and there are a wide variety of venues available to you as a speaker. But the biggest benefit is that you can share your expertise in a setting where people will listen to what you have to say, get to know your sklls and talents, and quite possibly decide to do business with you.

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