Hidden Profits in Other Companies’ Websites

Article by Frank TraditiI love to look at company websites. There’s a great deal of value to be found from web surfing that you just can’t get from many other places. You can become educated, entertained, smart, motivated, or even happy. Heck, you might even get all of that from one website!

But have you thought about the opportunities for your business you might find hidden there? Company websites are an incredible resource for information that can help you target your marketing, find likely prospects, and uncover and anticipate what problems a company might be dealing with.

Many sites are written simply as company brochures, describing the company’s products and services. While sites like these are pretty basic, you can still find a wealth of information within their pages.

Other company sites are more robust and include archived newsletters, company directories, job listings, press kits, and more. Sites like these offer you an inside look at almost everything the company is doing.

No matter which type of site the company has, there are opportunities available for you to connect with that business by helping to solve a problem for them. Here are some things you might look for when visiting company websites:

Names of Executives and Managers – Many sites will list phone numbers or email addresses of executives, department managers, sales or service departments, and more. If you craft a powerful introduction to these people, this can be a great opportunity to make a connection.

Company Announcements and Press Releases – Some sites have a section for company news, called “what’s new,” “on the move,” or “press room.” These sections will give you valuable details about what the company is up to and where they are headed. You may find announcements of new hires, new offices opening, new product announcements, annual reports, lists of new clients, and much more. What do these news reports suggest about areas where you could be of service?

When the Site Is Just a Brochure – This one’s for you, web development gurus. You probably could do wonders for their online image with a small amount of work on your part. What if you drafted a sample redesign of one page as an enticement for them to consider hiring you? Or create a survey or contact form for them to place on their pages that would encourage prospects to connect with the company?

Could You Point a Referral Their Way? – Review their products and services to see if there might be some contacts in your database who could benefit. Then use one of the contact names you gathered from their site to reach out and offer them a referral. First of all, you’ll be helping that company grow. Second, you could make a direct connection with a top manager. Third, you will be on their list as someone who has influence, knowledge, contacts ,and is willing to be a resource. Companies like to have people like that on their team.

So, the next time you are web surfing, think about how you can find the hidden profits in the company sites you visit. There may be a golden opportunity just waiting for you to find it.

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