How can I use Get Clients Now! with my team?

Q & A by C.J. HaydenThere are many ways you can use the Get Clients Now! book and program as a helpful tool for learning and motivation with your sales team, business development staff, marketing reps, franchisees, or network marketing downline.

One of the easiest ways to make use of GCN is to follow the book’s 28-day program as a group, having each member of your team create their own personal sales and marketing plan. Gather your team together on a weekly basis over a period of at least 6 weeks. In the first meeting, discuss Chapters 1-3 and have each member complete the first half of the Action Worksheet. At the second meeting, discuss Chapters 4-5 and have everyone complete the second half of the Action Worksheet.

Then for the four meetings following, have each member use the Tracking Worksheet to direct their weekly sales and marketing activities, and report their progress and results to the group at each meeting. They should also read the daily entries in Chapter 6 as they go. You’ll find more details about how to work the program as a group in the GCN Action Group Guidelines.

But this isn’t the only way to make use of Get Clients Now! in your sales meetings and team trainings. You can also keep your team focused on improving their sales and marketing skills by using the book as a resource for ongoing learning. Choose a topic from the book as a theme for each meeting. You can present a mini-workshop on each topic or conduct a discussion about it. You can also have each team member take a turn at leading a session. Or assign one topic to two or three team members, and have each one make a brief presentation about it.

Here are some suggestions for topics from the book you might select:

  1. Choose one of the four stages of the Universal Marketing Cycle. (Pg 32)
  2. Choose one of the six different effective marketing strategies. (Pg 16)
  3. Choose one of the dozens of “recipes” from Part III of the book. (Pgs 123-229)
  4. Choose one exercise from those suggested during the 28-day program:
    — Finding time for marketing (Pg 105)
    — Dealing with fear and resistance (Pg 107)
    — Managing time better (Pg 108)
    — Getting peer support (Pg 110)
    — Managing your inner critic (Pg 112)
    — Creating a touchstone for your goal (Pg 114)

One more way to use topics like these with your group is to assign them in advance as “themes for the week.” For example, you could choose time management, and ask everyone to pay special attention to managing their time this week, and report what they discovered at the next session. Or choose a topic like follow-up, and have everyone spend the week focusing on their follow-up skills and activities.

You’ll find enough different topics and themes in the book to fuel an entire year of weekly team meetings.

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