Riding the Marketing Cycle

Audio by C.J. HaydenIn this highly-rated workshop for consultants and coaches from the One-Page Business Plan Company, C.J. addresses the topic, “where is your selling stuck?” If you don’t know the answer to that question, you may be putting all your effort in the wrong place. For independent professionals, sales and marketing operates on a predictable cycle. Learn how to ride that cycle skillfully, and you’ll convert more prospects into clients while spending less time on business development. Here’s what you’ll learn in this program:

  • How to diagnose your sales and marketing ailments with the Universal Marketing Cycle
  • Figuring out exactly where your selling is stuck
  • Determining the missing ingredients that will help you close more sales
  • Finding a more authentic and comfortable approach to selling
  • Specific tactics and tools to make your selling more effective
  • How to improve your selling by starting with the right kind of marketing

83 minutes, 19.9 MB

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