Get Clients Now! Excel Tracking Worksheet

Tool/Example by Joan FriedlanderIf you’d prefer to track your GET CLIENTS NOW! marketing action plan on your computer instead of on paper, you’ll find this Excel version of the Tracking Worksheet handy. You can download the file, fill in the details of your plan, and update as often as you’d like.

GET CLIENTS NOW! Excel Tracking Worksheet (Excel)

Click on the title above to open in your browser window.
To download, right click and choose “Save Target/File As.”

Here are a few notes on using this worksheet in Excel:

  • To fill in dates on the top row in MM/DD format and have them display as characters instead of numeric formulas, you may need to enter a single apostrophe before typing the date.
  • To print the completed worksheet, in Page Setup, specify “landscape” instead of “portrait” orientation, and adjust the scaling to fit on one page.
  • This worksheet is designed to be filled out on your computer before printing. If you want a worksheet you can print blank and then fill in by hand, use the PDF version of the GCN Tracking Worksheet instead.

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