How can I get people to whitelist my ezine?

Q & A by C.J. HaydenIt’s a common problem for ezine publishers to have their ezines blocked by ISP’s, email providers, corporate firewalls, or personal spam filters installed by the subscriber. If your subscribers “whitelist” your publication, you’ll stand a better chance of it being delivered. But how can you get more subscribers to do this?

There are three ways you can encourage more subscribers to whitelist your ezine:

  1. Add a custom thank-you page to your website to which subscribers are automatically returned after entering their subscription. (Many mailing list management services offer this optional feature.) Include this text on your thank-you page:
    << Check your inbox for your first issue now. If you don't receive it within a few minutes, please look in your bulk mail or suspect spam folder in case your ISP or spam filter has blocked it. If you are using AOL, Earthlink, Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo, or a personal spam filter, please "whitelist" us to make sure you receive the newsletter in the future. Add [the email address you send your ezine from] to your list of authorized senders or address book. >>
  2. Include a similar request in the first email you send to new subscribers, and then in each subsequent issue of your ezine. For example:
  3. Add to your website a page of instructions for how to whitelist your ezine with a variety of ISP’s and filters. Many of your subscribers won’t know what whitelisting is or how to do it. (You can see a sample whitelisting instructions page in the Answer Center.) Then include the URL of the instructions page in the text above.

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