Marketing Does Not Equal Suffering

Article by Joan FriedlanderLately, people have been telling me that they hate marketing and don’t want to do it. They hate it so much that even though they are in love with what they do — or want to do — for a living, they will not do what it takes to get out in front of prospects.

I do understand the sentiment. I remember it well. I was terrified to talk to people when I started out. It took me almost a year to get ready for this important step.

I have asked those who have voiced this sentiment what they hate about it. They hate taking the time, they hate talking to people, and they absolutely abhor selling themselves! The latter, I think, is at the core of their distaste for marketing.

In addition, people focused on service don’t like selling because they have many adverse beliefs, opinions, and ideas about who they think they would have to be. To add to the discomfort, one of the hardest things to do, especially at the beginning, is to ask people to pay us for talking and listening to them. Yes, this is what a good service professional does, regardless of the product.

I love what business coach and marketing expert C.J. Hayden says about marketing. Marketing, simply stated, is telling people over and over again what you do. If you are in a business like coaching, consulting, writing, financial advising — essentially anything that requires a great deal of trust — you do have to talk to people. I would also assert that if you are in a service-based business, you love talking to people, right?

You don’t have to be quick, witty, slick, and fast on your feet in order to market your services. As a matter of fact, you get to be exactly as you are in the business of your dreams. You get to be trustworthy, compassionate, caring, and a good problem solver. You get to ask questions and listen to what your prospects say.

Your ability to ask for money in exchange for your services is a critical element to your business success. It seems obvious, and yet I hear how hesitant people are. Again, I’ve been there. Others have been there. You are not alone in your fears and resistance. That being said, you can do it. You must do it in order to “do what you love [so] the money will follow.” It will, if you are willing to ask for it and are open to receiving it.

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