Sample Cold Calling Script

Tool/Example by C.J. HaydenHere’s a seven-step outline for a cold call, followed by a sample script, some suggested opening lines, and tips for what to say when you get voice mail.

7-Step Outline for a Cold Call

  1. Identify yourself and name any connection between you.
  2. Ask permission to talk, including an attention getting benefit.
  3. Give a brief summary of what you offer.
  4. Ask an open-ended question to begin conversation and uncover needs.
  5. Reflect back their answer and add another benefit statement.
  6. Ask an open-ended question to continue conversation and develop more rapport.
  7. Reflect back their answer and request a meeting.

Sample Cold Call Script

Hello, Mr. Smith, my name is Chris Winston. Carlos Ramirez thought we should connect. I help human resource departments keep their HR systems up to date. Do you have a moment to talk about how well your system is working for you? (pause for response)

If your current system isn’t meeting your needs, I can fix errors, install upgrades, make the system easier to use, or help you find a replacement. What type of problems are you experiencing with your system? (pause for response)

(reflect back what you heard) That must be a real drain on your resources. I’m sure I can help you fix those retirement plan reports. I have quite a bit of experience in correcting inaccurate reporting, installing software upgrades, and helping clients meet regulatory requirements. How urgently do you need to get those reports corrected? (pause for response)

(reflect back what you heard) That sounds pretty urgent. I can work with your staff to get that done quickly at an affordable price. It seems like I might be able to give you some assistance. Do you have some time on your calendar when we could meet and talk about what you need?

Suggested Opening Lines

  • I understand you are a friend of…
  • Jane Doe suggested I call you.
  • I saw you speak at…
  • We met briefly at…
  • We’re both members of…
  • We’re both graduates of…
  • I’ve done work for XYZ Company in the past.
  • I read your article in…

When You Get Voice Mail

Put your message in writing before you call. Studies show that having a script can double your effectiveness. Keep it to no more than 30 seconds, and speak slowly and distinctly.

  1. Identify yourself and name any connection between you.
  2. State the purpose of your call, including a benefit. If possible, quantify your benefit with a measurable result.
  3. Give your telephone number slowly. Always start with, “My phone number is…” and repeat the number twice.
  4. Thank your prospect and let him or her know you will follow up.

Sample Voice Mail Script

Hello, Ms. Jones. My name is Chris Winston. Carlos Ramirez at Flexico suggested I call. I’m calling to let you know how you can keep your HR system up to date at a significantly lower cost than adding staff to your payroll. I’d like to have a chance to talk to you about the 50% savings I created for Flexico. My phone number is area code 415-555-1212. Let me repeat that: 415-555-1212. If you don’t get the chance to return my call I will follow up. Thank you for your time.

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