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Need More Referrals? Partner Up!

Article by C.J. HaydenHave you ever considered that prospective clients who are referred to you are much more likely to become your customers than those who come to you in any other way? The endorsement of a referral carries so much weight that referred prospects ask fewer questions about your qualifications, are less likely to shop for the lowest price, and typically make their buying decisions much more quickly. Read more

Why isn’t Internet marketing on the Get Clients Now list of effective strategies?

Q & A by C.J. HaydenThe six marketing strategies for professional services described in Get Clients Now! are listed in order of effectiveness from most to least: direct contact, networking, public speaking, writing and PR, promotional events, and advertising. Seeing this list for the first time, you may wonder where the Internet fits in. Read more

Let Go to Grow

Article by Joan FriedlanderEntrepreneurs and consultants who fail to appropriately allocate their time and delegate tasks spend hours on activities and projects that drain their energy. They lose their creative edge; they can become frustrated and downright grouchy. Ultimately, by hanging on to tasks, Read more

What’s the best way to network at social events?

Q and A by C.J. HaydenYou can make many excellent contacts for your business by meeting people at non-business events and locations. If you have been limiting the scope of networking to something that only takes place at an official “networking event,” consider a much wider definition. Read more

Cracking the Billable Hours Ceiling

Article by C.J. HaydenHow many of you made as much money as you wanted to last year? Don’t be shy; raise your hands. Hmm, I don’t see too many hands out there. What would you say is the cause of this gap between your goals and your earnings? Read more

What Are You Doing Right?

Article by C.J. Hayden“What’s wrong with my marketing?” That’s a question I often hear from clients, students, and readers. It’s a useful query, as there frequently are areas where you could do better at marketing and sales. But while the question “what’s wrong” can uncover your marketing problems, it doesn’t always suggest answers. You may need to ask what you’re doing right. Read more

The Pop Quiz You Need to Pass

Article by Frank TraditiRemember the old “pop quiz” when you were in school? Wasn’t it a great feeling when you were prepared with all the answers? On the other hand, it was a real drag when you were caught off guard and didn’t have a clue. Read more

Don’t Wait for Word of Mouth

Article by C.J. HaydenProfessionals and service business owners who have been operating for a while always say they get most of their clients by word of mouth. But if you’re relatively new in business, no one is talking about you yet. How can you start building word of mouth right away instead of just waiting for it to happen? Read more

Turning Samples Into Sales

Article by C.J. HaydenOffering free samples to prospective clients is a powerful method of increasing the know, like, and trust factor that makes people buy. When you are selling a professional service, potential clients have no way to see, feel, or taste what you will actually deliver. Read more

Sample Referral Fee Agreement

Tool/Example by C.J. HaydenDo you find yourself frequently referring business to other professionals? When these referrals are likely to be reciprocal, you’ll probably want to give them freely. But what about those situations where you refer clients to someone who isn’t able to return the favor? Read more

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