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Seven Easy Steps to Follow Up by Phone

Article by C.J. HaydenYou know how critical it is to follow up your initial contacts or mailings with a personal phone call, but somehow your list of calls to make always seems to get longer instead of shorter. Days or even weeks go by before you place important calls, and there always seems to be Read more

Selling to the Bottom Line

Article by C.J. HaydenIf you’ve ever wondered why more people don’t respond to your sales attempts and marketing messages, the first question to ask may be — are you selling something that people are willing to spend money on? Read more

How is Marketing Like Dating?

Article by Joan FriedlanderHave you ever attended a networking meeting and met someone you really liked and were sure you could help? When they found out about your services and learned how you help people like them they said, “You’ve got just what I’ve been looking for. Read more

To Niche or Not to Niche?

Article by Grace DurfeeShould you focus on a particular niche or target market, or let the niche find you? That’s a question that many service professionals wrestle with, especially in the start-up phase of their business. I recommend a combination approach. Read more

How could I use a virtual assistant in my business?

Q & A by C.J. HaydenA virtual assistant (VA) is someone who works for you or your business virtually, from his or her own home or office. Having a VA can be a lifesaver for solo business owners who may not want a full-time employee, but if you’ve never used one before, it can sometimes be difficult to envision how someone in a remote location can work for you. Read more

Want More Clients? Just Say No!

Article by C.J. HaydenMuch of the popular wisdom about how to succeed as an independent professional seems to center around saying yes. You’ll hear that you’re supposed to market yourself constantly in as many different ways as possible, network with everyone you can find, and take as many clients as possible in order to increase your earnings. The implication is that you should say yes to every opportunity. Read more

Breaking the Voice Mail Barrier

Article by C.J. HaydenHow many times this week did you reach a live person when you placed a sales call? Even if you never make cold calls, you still have to contact people by phone. That prospect who was so interested last month never called you back, and now you must call her. You call once, twice, three times, but you can’t get her in person. Read more

Marketing the Get Clients Now! Way

Audio by C.J. HaydenPat Lynch of Women’s Radio interviews C.J. on some of the key sales and marketing secrets of the GET CLIENTS NOW! system. Here’s what you will learn in this audio: Read more

What should I do about referrals I can’t take?

Q & A by C.J. HaydenRecently a client asked me what to do when he received referrals he was unable to take, either because he was too busy or they weren’t quite on target. Here are some suggestions I gave him that you may find helpful when you’re in the same situation. Read more

Networking That Works

Article by C.J. HaydenEstablished professionals and those who are new in business often have a difference of opinion about networking. The old-timers usually say that networking is one of their most important sources of clients, while the newcomers frequently claim Read more

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