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How Will the Media Portray You?

Article by C.J. HaydenWouldn’t it be great to get your business in the news? Of course, you’d like to make sure it’s portrayed positively. How can you ensure that the media coverage you get showcases your business in the way that you want? Read more

Five Top Places to Network

Article by Donna FeldmanHave you fallen into a networking rut? Do you keep going to the same events, or the same type of events, while wondering if there are other places to go? To help you expand your horizons, we’ve identified the top five types of groups to grow your network. Read more

Summertime, and the Marketing Ain’t Easy

Article by C.J. HaydenSummer is here, but it seems many of your potential clients are not. When you get the response “I’ll be on vacation until…” one too many times, it’s easy to become discouraged about summertime marketing. But fear not, there’s plenty you can do to build your business in the summer months. Here are ten cool ideas for what to do while the weather is hot. Read more

Make Your Marketing Work Smarter, Not Harder

Article by C.J. HaydenI’ve been asking successful independent professionals lately what it was they did that launched their success. What activity helped them the most to stop struggling to market themselves and start finding clients with more ease? Read more

How to Get the Most from Sales Partnerships

Article by Frank TraditiSales and marketing partnerships are relationships established between companies with complementary products and services that can be sold to a mutual client. If you can build a strong relationship with sales partners, you’ll have the advantage Read more

How to Get Your Articles Published

Article by C.J. HaydenWriting articles as an expert in your niche or specialty can help you become more credible as well as more visible. A well-written article on a subject of interest to your target market will get their attention, demonstrate your expertise, and increase your name recognition. Read more

Do You Need a Target Market?

Article by Joan FriedlanderA bit of a trick question with just one answer — yes! — but it often meets with varying responses. Some business owners don’t want to choose one, and others had never really considered it (shouldn’t I be willing to work with anyone who is breathing Read more

Let’s Go Fishing: How to Catch a Big One

Article by Jack KlemeyerThis is not your typical fishing story. This is about fishing for a whale, and not the kind that lives in the sea. A whale is the kind of client that can make a significant positive impact on your bottom line. There are three strategies that can hook you a whale: Read more

The 3-D Approach to Productivity

Article by Joan FriedlanderThe 3 D’s for greater productivity are defer, delay, and delegate. I read, with great glee, these words in Brian Tracy’s Time Power. My work is all about getting focused on your priorities so you can stop, doing, doing, doing — the other 3 D’s. Now I’m happy; Brian Tracy is saying it too. Read more

What Could Make Your Service Sell Itself?

Article by Frank TraditiRecently, I spoke with a friend who says he has the greatest job in the world, because essentially, his service sells itself. He works for an organization that helps students of any age get a graduate degree through well-known and highly respected Read more

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