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Get Clients Now! Action Worksheet

Tool/Example by C.J. HaydenIf you’re using the GET CLIENTS NOW! sales and marketing system on your own or with a group, you’ll need a blank copy of the Action Worksheet from the book to create your marketing plan. Here’s a PDF version you can download, print, and fill in. Read more

How can I build the know-like-and-trust factor?

Q and A by Joan FriedlanderIf you’ve ever taken a course in marketing, you’ve heard of the “know-like-and-trust-factor.” It seems it would be worthwhile to understand this factor and what it really means to us. Read more

Seven Easy Steps to Follow Up by Phone

Article by C.J. HaydenYou know how critical it is to follow up your initial contacts or mailings with a personal phone call, but somehow your list of calls to make always seems to get longer instead of shorter. Days or even weeks go by before you place important calls, and there always seems to be Read more

Hidden Profits in Other Companies’ Websites

Article by Frank TraditiI love to look at company websites. There’s a great deal of value to be found from web surfing that you just can’t get from many other places. You can become educated, entertained, smart, motivated, or even happy. Heck, you might even get all of that from one website! Read more

Increasing Your Signal to Noise Ratio

Article by C.J. HaydenYou can learn a lot about marketing by listening to the radio. And you can learn even more by noticing when you’re not listening. A clear signal and music or talk you like to hear will keep you tuned in to a particular station. But too much static, too many ads, or programming not to your taste will overwhelm the signal, and all you’ll hear is noise. Read more

Four Things You Must Do Before You Make the Sale

Article by Frank TraditiWhy is it so hard for small business owners and independent professionals to make the sale? I think we’ve forgotten the basic building blocks of two-way communication that allow a sale to take place. We’re looking for the Holy Grail of techniques that will bring in more business. A silver bullet sales process. The perfect close. A sales letter that will attract droves of new clients. A software program that automatically sells your service with a touch of a button. Read more

Sample Script for Approaching Referral Partners

Tool/Example by C.J. HaydenI frequently recommend to entrepreneurs that they focus their marketing on building referral partnerships instead of attracting clients by advertising and promotion or approaching them cold. With a few pointers, most entrepreneurs can identify many possible referral sources. But I’m often asked how to best go about approaching these potential partners. Read more

Sample Speaking Fees

Tool/Example by C.J. HaydenThis sample fee sheet for paid speaking engagements shows a range of fees for programs of different length and travel to varying locations. Also included is detail about travel expenses to be billed to the client. Read more

What Can You Do for Me?

Article by Frank TraditiIn a previous article, The Pop Quiz You Need to Pass, I talked about three simple questions you must be prepared to answer any time you speak with a prospect. The first of these three is: “What can you do for me?” Read more

What’s the difference between a Success Ingredient and a Daily Action?

Q & A by Kristine CareyIf you’ve used the Get Clients Now! 28-Day Program, you know there are two different types of action-oriented elements you can include: Success Ingredients and Daily Actions. Recently I’ve gotten several questions about the distinctions between these two, so let’s take a closer look. Read more

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